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  • Description

    an easy-to-use Notebook based environment for fast and convenient protein structure predictions.

  • Installation

    Use the following command to install this title with the CLI client: $ sbgrid-cli install colabfold Copy to clipboard
  • Primary Citation*

    M. Mirdita, K. Sch├╝tze, Y. Moriwaki, L. Heo, S. Ovchinnikov, and M. Steinegger. 2022. ColabFold - Making protein folding accessible to all. bioRxiv. 2021.08.15.456425.

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  • Keywords

    Protein Structure Analysis

  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  2a47c6f

  • Developers

    Sergey Ovchinnikov, Milot Mirdita, Martin Steinegger